Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The 2008 ProKicker Windchill, Footbag tournament is approching fast

The 2008 Montreal winter tournament is arriving soon. On april 12th and 13th the best Montreal players and a few special guests will display their skills on the court to try to win this 18th edition. We would like to invite anyone that would happen to be in the vicinity and who likes sports to attend. The entrance is free for spectators more details on the tournament home page.

Note that ProKicker will provide the official footbag for this event. The footbags used for Net are much harder and rounder than the average ''Hacky Sack''. This way we can have real fast play over the badminton net although we're playing with feet only.

Here's a taste of how the 2007 finals went down.

Of course you can see the same video, and a couple more, in full screen if you navigate to the tournament page on ProKicker

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