Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skills games on ProKicker

For the past 26 years I've been involved in selling and promoting Footbag. It's basically a cheap way to get in shape. Recently I've added some more skills games to my web site. In 1990 I've been part of the first National Takraw school tour in the US. Takraw is very popular in southeast Asia, it's a really fun mix of soccer and volleyball. It's now available on ProKicker as well as two other cool games.

I discovered Peteca a few years ago at Footbag tournaments. It's a brazilian game played with a big shuttlecock over a net similar to a volleyball net. Very inexpensive it makes kids moooove! The other game is the Handsack, you can make all sorts of tricks while catching this object with the back of the hand. Nice!

I'm not against video games per say, but a few hours a week doing something healthier can make for more balanced lifestyle fir kids.

Check out this Peteca video

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