Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Canadian army in Afghanistan, thanks but no thanks

I just talked to a (female)musician who just spent a while in Afghanistan to entertain the Canadian troops which are based near Kandahar. She told me that she faced every ugly side of war. All the soldiers that she talked to, but one, just think about getting out of this rat hole.

In spite of all our politician’s and the army’s efforts to mediatize the canadian mission like it was a humanitarian task, most quebecers are not fooled and know that a cat’s a cat. A war is a war. Canada as a pacifist country should have never followed that shitty trend where our southern neighbours were more than willing to be trapped, as they needed revenge and of course: OIL.. Let’s hope that we wake up and that we soon elect a government that will rush us out of there.

The illusion that the canadian presence serves any other purpose than to comfort the american interests in that region is like an enchanter’s spell happening right in front of our fully protected eyes. The Afghanis have been able to kick’s Soviet Union’s ass out of their land. After so much lifes lost in vain and hundreds of millions of useless military spendings, do you really believe that the Super Canadian Army will succeed where that Superpower failed?

It is true that a lot of things could be bettered in that country but why should Canada play the sheriff? Shoot on people only helps to perpetuate the endless spiral of hatred, vengeance and violence, period.

This article is a translation of a french version published on april 9th on yvesarchambault.com

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