Friday, April 11, 2008

The Chicago Inner Rectangle Footbag Net club web site is alive

My partner Cory Current and I were driving back to Illinois from the Memphis tournament last monday when I learned that the Chicago Footbag net club didn't have a real name or a web site. I decided to help as it is very easy to set up a web site on a blog platform. Cory told me that he had thought about the Inner Rectangle as a potential name for the Club. The Chicago Footbag Freestyle club name is the Inner Circle so as Footbag net is played on a rectangle (badminton court) it was a good joke to be made as well as a relevant one to call the club the Inner Rectangle. So be it and we launched the club's blog/website last monday on, pay them a visit and leave your comments if you are interested in Footbag.

Here's the link to the Inner Rectangle very first post

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