Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Footbag Net practice in Montreal today

I have to be fit to a minimum by May 24th. This is gonna be the start of the Green Cup, one of the North American Footbag Net scene main events.(The Green Cup is held in Oakland and San Francisco) After being trapped in a gym, that was trapped under tons of snow in Montreal for 7 months it's really good to finally get to play outdoors.

Our sport doesn't necessitate a lot of equipment: a specially adapted badminton portable court, a footbag and a good pair of sport shoes.

We kicked, we got prepared and no one is better to take the Montreal crew lightly at the Green Cup.

I will play with Berliner Ulli Haase and I expect to have fun. The worst that can happen is to fall in the Tequila bracket after all.

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