Saturday, April 19, 2008

The importance of organic Food

Industrialize the food, sweeten it, fatten it, take the nourishing value out, cash in. That could be the motto of companies like Nestle and Nabisco who buy the small, family farms to make as much industrial food as possible, as much cash as possible, your health is none of their concern, of course it is yours. That's why more and more informed people turn to organic foods when they can afford them. The more popular they will become the more affordable.

The only problem is the Nestle's and Nabisco's of this world will show their ugly faces again and you can trust them to make something bad happen to the standards by which this type of food is evaluated. The only solution look for even more information and help the smaller entreprises, boycott the Wal Marts of this world in any way you can. Why not, some other people, more engaged will continue to fight for you, for us. So if you have a little spare money donate to the David's that battle the stone hearted Goliath's. you've got to watch that excellent video, and Greenpeace are real good starting points.

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