Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It might be better when it's not so great

Yesterday I was ranting about how great it was in Montreal these days. Ha! Ha! Ha! The fun didn't last for long. After our hockey team won his first round of playoffs in a seventh game, a bunch of imbecils ran out in the streets burning police cars and basically breaking what they could put their hands on. Roughing scared anyone who had the bad idea to wear a Boston Bruins jersey on the way.

We can send as many space probes to Mars as we want but there's always those who like to make us feel stupid. Thank you hooligans you're so cool! And we thought we were in a civilized city. Wake up we still are in the dark ages. Montreal today I'm ashamed and I want to publicly apoligize for any Bostonian who would have suffered to our bullies.

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