Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretty amazing what's happening in Montreal these days

Wow! the day was gorgeous. We had a serious winter, it snowed and snowed. When spring finally shows up after that it's sooooo good. That's why I'm an avid Montrealer, I like the season change. In the summer everything is bright and moving. The Winter slows down things, for me I mean, it's then fun to be in the house working on my computer like crazy.

Tonight the Montreal Canadiens won game 7 of a first round of the NHL playoffs. I sensed the whole city being electrified. A lot of people were honking on the streets seconds after the end of the match.

The match wasn't too violent, no fights, no interminable brawls around the goalies but skating, passing, legal hitting and a lot of desire from both teams. The Bruins have a nice future with players like Lucic, who could be in the next generation of hockey's power forwards and Phil Kessell a poison on ice.

Thanks ice warriors for the show and lets hope that positive vibes lead people to gather their strenghts in the way of humanity.

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