Monday, April 28, 2008

The silent killer

I'm always surprised to see that in some american groceries I can't find any regular yogurt. It's all non fat crap, doesn't taste anything, tastes like nothing like yogurt and fruit. With all this non fat food you would think that america would get leanier but of course it's not the case. Fat is one thing but we often forget about the main fatting factor: Sugar.

Refined sugar gives you a short energy burst and then leaves all but good things behind in your system. It makes your pancreas think that you're still hungry. Very practical for food vendors. Then you eat more, exercice less, what can you do, this silent killer doesn't leave you with a lot of energy, and guess what, get fat.

It is everywhere, in cereals, juice cocktails, sodas, all sorts of things that kids like. Pastry, bread, name it pretty much everything processed food has some form of harmful sugar in it. Solution, read all the labels, avoid everything that has too much sugar (you don't know what too much sugar is, well you're on the internet and you have yahoo and google, come on search, this is not hidden by the CIA), cook a little more at home, avoiding sugar at all costs. You should have a little more energy to move, loose a few pounds and be ready to tackle the rest. There's no miracle just conscience and efforts.

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Scot Hansen said...

And most importantly- watch out for "High Fructose Corn Syrup". That stuff is the devil!! It's sugar on super-steroids. You won't find it in the ingredients in products made outside of the US.