Sunday, September 14, 2008

Harper gives us the opportunity to throw him out

After 2 years of lies on the environment, after making Canada the laugh of the international community, Stephen Harper did set up an election date for October 14th. After creating a law to make sure that we would have elections only every 4 years, he broke it the first chance he had and makes Canadians spend another 250 millions for an illegal election.

He pretended his government couldn't rule the country because of the opposition to his minority government. The truth is he feels that now is the perfect time to get a majority as the Liberal party is the only one that could traditionally oppose the Conservatives and it's extremely weak now. The conjunction is also favorable in Quebec as the Bloc Québécois is loosing ground too. This could be the key to his election, Quebecers not being as progressive as they're tagged to be.

This could be a real sad day on October 14th as this autocratic government could be reelected with a strong majority. One sure thing is they will not have my vote.