Friday, May 29, 2009

The 2009 Green Cup, Footbag net at his best

The Green Cup is always very special for me as it is a good occasion to visit spectacular San Francisco. My partner Luc Legault and I took off for Burlington, VT early in the morning and we flew to San Fran from there, through Philadelphia. Smooth flight, no problem. We then took the public transportation to the city. We were hosted by Footbag legends Eric Wulff and Carol Wedemeyer. They had a real nice apartment and they treated us first class. Viva California.

We celebrated Benjamin Rochon's birthday on Thursday night and it was nice.

On Saturday the tournament started. We were a strong group of 10 montrealers, well trained and focused. Some players came as far as Russia (Sacha and Yulia) to feed the tournament. Once again, nice.

The Chaos players were well trained too, Jack Harris impressed everybody with some of the hardest spikes ever. Wow. I like it. The 2 France representatives were also there to play. Grischa and Greg really made an impression at their second attending, much honor to them and their family.

After a lot of hard fought prelim games in an unusually freezing Oakland. there were 7 Montrealers left and 1 Chaos member in the doubles semi finals. The biggest surprise though has to be awarded to Greg Lima, from Paris, who managed to climb his way to the Singles finals. Good work cousin.

Some upsets happened in the semis but I'll talk about it in another article. The goal of this one was to present you a photograph that totally describes the intensity and the focus of the players in this wonderful tournament. Ladies and Gentlemen meet one of the rising stars of KICK VOLLEY I named François Depatie-Pelletier.