Monday, April 26, 2010

Results for KICK VOLLEY 02

At the end of a highly disputed match the team of Francois Depatie-Pelletier and Benjamin Rochon prevailed over the 2009 winners Luc Legault and Gilles Demers for the conclusion of KICK VOLLEY 02.

See the complete results on the tournament's home page.

Kick Volley 02 was sponsored and organized by Pro Kicker.

Friday, April 16, 2010

KICK VOLLEY 02 is just around the corner: Pre Seeding

The hunt for the KICK VOLLEY 02 title starts tomorrow at the gymnasium of the Old Montreal College. There will be 9 teams, all local, but the quality of the Montreal teams is always excellent.

Here's the pre-seeding for the tournament:

1- Gilles Demers/ Luc Legault (Winners Kick Volley 01)
2- François Depatie-Pelletier/ Benjamin Rochon
3- Martin Côté/ Sébastien Perron
4- Yves Archambault/ Sébastien Duchesne
5- Dominique Soulard/ Dominic O'Brien
6- Geneviève Bousquet/ Thibault Rehn
7- Luka W/ J-F Bélanger
8- Stéphane Tailleur/ Alexandre Kègle
9- Olivier Berthiaume/ Mathieu Payant

The format will be:
1 st round= 3 pools of three teams. At this point only one team will be eliminated.
2nd round the 8 remaining teams move into a single elimination bracket to the ultimate

The 4 teams that will loose in the quarter finals will go into a consolation bracket with the
initial looser to fight it out for 5th to 9th place in a round robin.

The official footbag for the event is the Pro Kicker Impact.
The event is free for all spectators. The music entertainment
will be provided by DJ Maximum, Maxime Gingras, from noon
on Sunday. See the schedule here.
The best time is of course Sunday afternoon from noon to 4h30 pm