Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Someone kicking and! This kid was in trouble, he chose boxing and kicking the bag around to make things better. Inspirational. For Jeff Everbo a marginal sport helped to make him feel more complete. Much honor to him and his family.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kick Volley 03 dates are set

The third edition of Kick Volley, namely Kick Volley 03 will be on March 26-27th in Montreal. Just follow the link for all the details. As usual the best players from Montreal will battle it up for center stage on Sunday. We hope to receive some of the best players from other countries too.
This tournament will be organized by Pro Kicker and the Pro Kicker Impact will be the official tournament kickvolleyball.

A Footbag teaching appearance at the Quebec's Physical educator's congress

I had the privilege to give a workshop to a group of dedicated teachers at the annual Quebec's Federation of Physical Educators congress. I shared my knowledge of teaching Footbag and I also introduced them to Peteca, a cool Brazilian sport. This year's the congress title was ''Bougeons ensemble'' which could be loosely translated by ''Let's move together''.

I also had a product booth at the convention where I showed my Footbag line and Peteca products as well as Takraws and Handsacks. Overall it was a neat experience and I will certainly be back next year in Sherbrooke.