Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New self supporting Footbag Mini Net set

Footbag net is a pretty difficult sport to learn for most people. The fast ball, high net and big court are all hurdles for beginners to come to grips with. When we have spectators around watching a game I often recognize the ''no way I can ever do that thing'' look on their faces although they seem to appreciate the action.

The reaction of bystanders is quite different when they see us playing on the Mini Net. As the court is much smaller, the ball slower and the net much lower their attitude is reading more like: ''Hum! It wouldn't take me long to beat this guy at this game'' if they ever kicked hacky sack or even soccer balls.

Pro Kicker is offering a few models of Mini Nets for all occasions and the last one sports a self supporting structure that is very useful for indoor settings or to set up anywhere on pavement or such environments.

Here's a picture of the latest Pro Kicker Mini Net creation

Pro Kicker Footbag self supporting Mini Net set image
The set includes all the tubing, the Mini Net, a carry bag and a Footbag

Height: 105 cm  compared to 150 cm for the regular Footbag net.
(42 inches  compared to 60 inches.)
and it can be easily adjusted lower by sliding the net on the side poles.

Court size:
3.08 x 6.77 meters compared to 6.15 x 13.54 meter for the regular Footbag net court.
(10 x 22 feet compared to 20 x 44 feet.)
1/4 of a badminton court surface compared to a full court counting all the outside lines.

This Mini Net set can also be used for Mini Tennis and Mini Badminton for young kids.

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