Sunday, July 31, 2016

My 30th World Footbag Championships travel diary - day 5

Montrealers doing well on the first day of competition.

The competition finally started today at the Empire Hotel setup for net. Men singles and Mixed doubles pools were on the menu. Montreal's only representative in singles François Depatie-Pelletier
lost a game but cruised through the match with the second in his pool without further damage and retained his # 5 position to enter the final draw that will be direct elimination. There were no upsets in the top 8 players but the pools 10 and 11 saw some rockin'. In pool 10 the pool head, Tammo Rockel, was upsetted by the # 3 player Benjamin Kanske who also defeated the second Quentin Isaackson. Result Benjamin will have a much better position entering the final phase, Tammo will drop a little but Quentin is out. In pool 11 the pool leader Guillaume Degat is out on injury and the #3 seed in the pool beat # 2. So # 3 Steve Kuntze will move up in the ladder and my doubles partner, Jakub Grabarcyk is still in the contest.

In Mixed doubles our 4 Montrealers are still in the contest. Genevieve Bousquet and Luc Legault won their pool and will move up to # 3 seed in the main draw because of an upset in pool 3. Maude Landreville from Montreal and Andreas Wolff from Frankfurt, Germany beat # 3 seed Arthur Ledain (France) and Lena Mlakar (Slovenia) to advance in the main draw in the top 4 position. In pool 4 again Geneviève and Luc had to defeat Marilyn Demuy (Montreal) and Yassin Khateeb (Germany) that went well and Marilyn and Yassin also advance in the main draw.

As for me I finally got some kicks in in preparation for tomorrow's start of the competition in Open doubles. I played 5 pick up games and feel ready to rock.

Curiosities from Trnava

Now some curiosities from Trnava, I don't know if you've ever seen children parks like that but this one looks awesome to me, I would have had a blast having that in my neighboorhood as a kid.

Children park with aerials in Trnava, Slovakia

Trampoline in the park, Trnava, Slovakia

Better get secured before playing in this park, Trnava, Slovakia

Strong structures to entertain the kids in Trnava, Slovakia
And also another curiosity that I picked during a walk in the city, I like these old cars.

Old car in a backyard, Trnava, Slovakia

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