Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My 30th World Footbag Championships travel diary - day 8

4th day of the tournament

Mixed doubles quarter finals

The day started with the quarter finals of Mixed doubles net. Only one Montrealer survived this step. Marilyn Demuy teaming with German partner Yassin Khateeb caused a surprise by upsetting another Germano-Montrealer team formed of Maude Landreville  and Andreas Wolff. You can see the other results here.

Women doubles semi finals

The mixed was followed by the women doubles, they already were at the semi finals step in the draw. The number 1 seed upheld their position easily to advance to the finals. Montrealers Geneviève Bousquet and Maude Landreville defeated the team of Heike Koller from Germany and Plamena Ivanova from Bulgaria. Follow this link for the complete women doubles results.
Geneviève Bousquet and Maude Landreville happy to go to the Women's doubles finals - Photo by Pro Kicker

Open singles quarter finals

The 3rd part of the day went back to the men's side with the singles quarter finals. The most interesting match featured Arthur Ledain from France versus Ben Alston from the USA. 

They fought a marathon match lasting for the whole five sets.  Arthur finally won by 14-16 15-4 12-15 15-7 15-12. What a battle, these two had to go deep into their energy reserves to finalize the match. They showed some awesome skills and they both made some crucial mistakes but in the end one had to win and it was the French.

The other winners are Walt Houston from the US and Tuomas Karki from Finland. Jean-François Lemieux from France, originally from Montreal, also advanced on a forfait by François Depatie-Pelletier on a calf injury. Luckily it seems that François will be OK enough to play the doubles quarter finals tomorrow.

Arthur Ledain blocks Ben Alston's service to wrap up game 2 - Photo by Pro Kicker

Mixed doubles semi finals

The day ended with the mixed doubles semis. Another surprise was on the blocks as the 2014 and 2015 World Champions were defeated by the team of Arthur Ledain and Lena Mlakar. Team Finland, Matti Pohjola and Piia Tantarimaki will now have to fight for the bronze medal.

On the other side of the bracket another strong team was ready to make it to the finals. Florian Gotze and Kerstin Anhuth displayed their best playing abilities just on time in game 3 of a long match against Yassin and Marilyn.

And this concludes the recap for today - Stay tuned the best is still to come.

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