Sunday, August 6, 2017

World Footbag Championships 2017 my travel blog to Portland, Oregon.

A new year, a new World Footbag Championships. It's time to blog. Let the world know about my passion for this sport once again!

Day 1

The travelling day. I left my apartment in Montreal on August 4th at 4am to get to the airport for my 6:45 flight. I had to work a lot to get all my preparation together in time for this departure. The taxi driver was a little bit too talkative at that point, the only thing I was thinking about was sleeping. And I did, on the plane ride to Calgary, I slept as much as I could. Then a little problem delayed my arrival in Portland for 3 hours. Our scheduled plane broke down and they had to bring one from Seattle. That's exactly why I always try to travel in a couple of days early to important tournaments. I got in touch with Tricia, who was picking me up at the airport and everything went fine from there on out. 

So my friend Tricia and her husband Doug picked me up at the airport. From there we went to some cool people from the footbag family's place. Lori and Robert made me feel at home on their awesome property. We had watermelon and Tequila drinks. They used a hand blender to crush the inside of the watermelon, ingenious! 

After that relaxing arrival, pool dip included, we went to Master Tricia's house. 

Second day

On the second day I found out where food was sold. I temporarily healed one of my insecurities by getting groceries for a few days. Now I can concentrate on playing and filming (at the end of the week) I also had a taste of the river. It's not even a five minutes walk from the house, so refreshing. After that I had a little nap and we headed to the practice courts. 

We played some pickup games on the grass that'll be used for the 2 first days of the tournament: Westmoreland park

It was a cool little leg shaking, mind shaping practice. Here's a couple of pictures of the first arrivals, either to play or to prepare the courts for the start of the tourney: 

So good luck to all the competitors and good patience to all the staff of the 2017 World Footbag Championships. I will play my first official games with my partner Santeri Karvinen (Finland) on Monday at 1:15 pm. in the open doubles net category. Wish us luck and follow this blog during the week.


Jay Moldenhauer said...

Yves! So good to read your blog. Keep the words coming my friend. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you soon.

footbagarchives said...

I'm happy that you appreciate. The plan is to keeep them coming! Keep on reading my friend!