Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Long Haul to the Southeastern Footbag Championships

Tonight's the night. I will leave Montreal around 3 am to ride to Burlington, Vt to catch a plane to Chicago. Once I arrive there I'll meet with my doubles net partner Cory Current. We'll then drive another 8 hours to Memphis, Tn, in order to be present for the warm-up practice scheduled for friday 1pm. Then we'll play in the tournament on the 5th and 6th.

This may seem like a hell of a road trip just for a small tourney but it's gonna be a lot of fun to hangout in the south. It's gonna be warmer for one thing, we're still in sub 0 (celsius) weather here. Then it's gonna be a good time on the road with my good buddy Cory. We saw each other for the last time in july 2007 at the Montreal Tournament and I was pretty busy as I was directing the tournament. We both were at the World Championships in august but didn't have a real chance to hang out.

Then it's gonna be fun to play outdoors as we've been crammed in a gym since september. And the most important thing meet with friends that I don't see too often at all. Viva Footbag.

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