Monday, September 7, 2009

The end of the road for Yevez

Yeah! It looks like it's the end for me as a Pro Footbag competitor. Yesterday I blew my left knee again (2004) while playing a little Peteca with a friend. I must say that I had a great run as I played for 28 years including 25 years as a competitor.

I won my first tournament in Montreal in 1985, then it took us four years to organize another one here. That's when I started a series of at least one win in an open tournament for 20 years in a row, including two open doubles World Championships. I won a lot of East american tournaments at first including Montreal, East Coast and the Funtastik Summer Classic. These three tournaments used to be called the Devil's triangle. I added the Midwest regionals, Southeast regionals, US open, Texas State, New Jersey Spike and Shred, some European Championships and French open to the list as well as my last victory ever at the second South American Championships in December 2008 in Venezuela.

The sweetest victories: Worlds 2001 with Alexis Deschênes, my first singles win at the European Championships 1999 and the 2000 US open with Rob Adams.

Of course there were also a lot of tough losses but we tend to forget more about them right?. Still I'll never forget Alexis and I loss to Allan Petersen and Peter Shunny at the great 1997 Portland World Championships. To this day I still think that we were the better team but nervousness got to us. At least we had the chance to come back 4 years later and win it all in San Francisco.

I was not the most talented player but I worked my ass off. For over 15 years I practiced 6 days a week, 6 hours a day all summer long. In the end I won a lot of matches against better players because I was practicing more than they were.

It's all been a lot of fun but now it's time to move on. I want to wish good luck to all the serious competitors out there and I wish to think that some of you will believe that it'll be a little easier not to have to meet me on the other side of the net :-)


Anonymous said...

Yves you are the man and don't ever forget it! I really enjoyed that match in portland. I raised a glass to you then and I do so again now.


Josh Penney

Eric said...

This is sad news! Truth also is... Yves Archambault has one of the great all time runs - 25+ years of kicking ass on the court - 2 world championships and many major titles.

I sure hope we'll continue to see you on the footbag scene - promoting and teaching/coaching as always - oh - and partyin with us :).

You beat me the first time I faced you and the last. I got a couple wins in there but the balance is clearly in your favor my friend. I learned allot from you and hope to spend more afternoons/evenings talkin game over a beer or 10 in the coming years.

Iniva said...

Yves... I must say that I was shocked when I got the news. I just can say that it was a great pleasure to share the court with you here at Venezuela last year, and that I have no words to describe the great respect I have for you... this is heart-breaking, but everything happens for a reason.

Anyway, get well.


Anthony (Caracas)

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I had the honour to meet you the last year and to see you compete in a very high level, and i don´t have nothing more to say than this is a very sad moment for footbag, but i´m sure to we will see you on the court and I want to thank you for share your knowledge with us... A hug from Venezuela Net Team, your friend Luis"El Chino" Sarmiento

Anonymous said...

Salut Yves,

Les blessures ça ne se discute pas. En tout cas BRAVO pour tout mec ! J'ai beaucoup aimé te rencontrer par deux fois a Paris !!! Souviens toi de ce bloc, a l'open de france 2006 je crois, t'étais pas content !!! :D
En tout cas encore BRAVO pour ta carrière et MERCI pour ta bonhommie !!!
Salut l'artiste !!!

Olivier "Zitoun" RNH PARIS

Elliott said...

i guess it's not news anymore, but it's certainly news to me. sad to hear it yves. please stay involved in the footbag community or at least continue to heckle us from the sidelines.

Zeke said...

I read on's forum that you are all healed up and competing again. Stay healthy and I hope to kick with you in Chicago in the near future!