Thursday, March 18, 2010

KICK VOLLEY 02 is coming up shortly

This will be the 20th edition of the Montreal indoor tournament and it is set for April 17th and 18th.

The name of the event is KICK VOLLEY 02 and it will be in our homebase College of Old Montreal (Cegep du Vieux-Montréal) This tournament used to be called the Montreal Windchill Footbag tournament.

We have no confirmation from out of towners yet but even if only the Montreal players show up you can expect a very high caliber of play.

It is free for all spectators. The schedule and all the necessary information for the players is available on the tournament's home page.

For the newest information on Kick Volley events you can visit

Congratulations to Gilles and Frinki for their win at the 2010 French Footbag open

I finally get back to blogging life as spring is coming early it seems. My friends and teammates Gilles Demers and François Depatie-Pelletier represented Montreal at the 2010 French Footbag Open held in Paris February 26-28th. They managed very well thank you by winning the coveted Open Doubles Net championship over 29 other teams. In the finals match they defeated Jean-François Lemieux, originally from Montreal, who now lives in Paris and his partner Florian Goetze. Flo had won the 5 previous edition's doubles and he's part of the reigning world champion's team. So this is a big accomplishment for Gilles ''The Blade'' Demers and Frank ''The Tank'' Depatie-Pelletier.

Florian Goetze secured the singles title to ease the pain over Matti Pohjola who usually beats him every time in the solo event.

In the Freestyle category Tina Aeberli the swiss women's world champion captured another win in the french capital with a sweet routine. In the men's routines Czech young master Milan Benda was too strong for the competition but local freestyler Serge Kaldany hit the first ever dropless routine by a french player to end up second.

Pro Kicker provided the Footbags for the net competition for a 5th year in a row.