Friday, January 27, 2012

KICK VOLLEY 04 is around the block

It will be the fourth edition of Pro Kicker's KICK VOLLEY tournament. This is an annual indoor
event held in Montreal, Quebec. I introduced the concept of Kick Volley in 2009 as an
intention to renew the marketing idea behind the sport called Footbag Net. More on this
on the Kick Volley web site.

So far the action seen in the three first editions was pretty amazing, especially KV01 and KV02
with a small drop in intensity last year. I sure hope that we'll witness true kicking greatness this
For your information Kick Volley is played mostly in doubles over a badminton net with feet only. It is a mix of martial arts high kicking moves and volleyball with your feet.

The ''move'' on the poster is called a ''Toe Jam'' and it is performed by Luc Legault a Montreal top player. Original picture by Jani Markkanen from Helsinki, Finland.