Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pro Kicker has a new web site

Pro Kicker International was just released a few minutes ago. It has a fresher look and it will be easier to modify as time goes by.
I jumped on the occasion to offer all the Pro Kicker customers a nice occasion to grab some real good deals. I have 8 super Footbag collections that I offer at a big discount price.
The complete collection of Pro Kicker Footbags has 26 models in total and the usual retail price is 353$ when bought separately.
The web site launching price is a ridiculous 150$ + 15$ shipping. As I said there's only 8 of these kits so, collectors and hacky sack maniacs now is the time to step up and invest in your feet.

For those who prefer Sand bags only I have another package that could possibly suit you. 
I packaged the 2012 collection of the SABLE 8 fourteen colors in a combo for 78$ + 12$ shipping.

 Hurry up if you want this before Christmas as the deadline for mailing at reasonable prices are around December 10th. These items ship only to Canada and the US for now.

The old web site will now be known as Pro Kicker Canada but it will stay on as a lot of the information on it is still very relevant.

Pro K international is the first web site that I created with Adobe Muse and although I was not happy at first I'm impressed with all the features that I can access with this program. I am OK with Photoshop but MUSE was designed on the basis of another Adobe program: IN DESIGN that I don't really use so I had a little bit of a learning curve to deal with. 

It is fun to be able to create web sites visually without coding, although there is some parts of codes that I had to import. Neat experience anyway. I have to create the french version soon.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pro Kicker at the 2012 Phys Ed. teachers conference

This is a Pro Kicker vidéo prepared for the 2012 Quebec's Physical Education teachers congress. Images from a local Peteca tournament, as well as World Footbag Championships 2012 and a Montreal Mini Net tournament were all mixed together for this event.

Yves Archambault assisted by Marilyn Demuy gave a workshop to highly motivated PE teachers. After all they had to give up 2 days on a 3 days week-end to attend this annual meeting where all the latest tendancies in sports and physical activities show up.