Thursday, January 30, 2014

New website for Pro Kicker soccerballs and Peteca products

As the owner of the Pro Kicker trademark I constantly look for great sports products. I finalized a deal with a great Asian soccerballs manufacturer and now the Pro Kicker line up is enriched with 9 hand stitched models that can be customized to your taste. They were first posted on my new website Brazil sports and travel. These footballs are offered only for distributors (500 units or more per model). I added the soccer balls to this site as Brazil will be the host of a lot of sports events in the next three years, starting in 2014 with the FIFA World cup and culminating in 2016 with the Olympic games.

The site also offers interesting traveling tips as a lot of people will travel to Brazil for these events and there are a few things that travelers have to be aware of while visiting.

As a promoter of the sport of Peteca, a typically brazilian game, I also included a page to share some information about it as well as an online shop where you can buy our great Peteca shuttlecock models.