Friday, July 29, 2016

My 30th World Footbag Championships travel diary - day 3

July 29th, 2 days away for the start of the tournament, well for me three as I won't play in singles. Today had a theme: Relaxation. So I got up very late, had some sleep to catch up, and then after a brief encounter with the tournament staff preparing the check in, I went to spot the gym were we will play the prelims. It's cool in there so we won't suffer from the heat but sometimes I feel looser when it's warm, we'll see how it goes.

Then in phase 2 I went to the Relax Spa for a massage. 1 hour of nice rubbing helps take the plane and train pains away. Then in the hot tub, sauna and pools. It felt great, I will go back
I came back to the students residences close to 9 pm just to meet with a bunch of newly arrived players including Marilyn Demuy my good friend from Montreal, Quentin from Paris, Heike Koller from Frankfurt and so on. We went to get some food, pretty inexpensive pizza here, and drinks
and then walked a bit around town.

Then back to the droms, I checked to see if the order of the matches was posted. So on Monday the open doubles net action will start with the pool play at 3h15 pm, not too bad considering that I don't like to play early - Here's the link to the schedule of our pool.

We are seeded 2nd in the pool and if we manage to keep this position by the end of pool play we will be up for the real battle as 2 teams advance to the main draw. We have the 3rd place finishers from last year's World Championship and they should be untouchable but you never know, the pressure will be on them, not us. Then we have a Polish team and a French-Finnish team. Let's hope that we can keep our focus high at every turn.

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