Thursday, August 11, 2016

My 30th World Footbag Championships travel diary - days 12 and 13

Ok! I know I said that my series was concluded! But you know what? I can't stop blogging about it!

So day 12 - The competition has ended. It's time for the last goodbyes. Done and...felt. Now a group of kickers has to get to Vienna to travel further. The organization gracefully provides a bus for us. Of course it was intended for more people...but due to the hard World Championships conclusion partyin' a few missed this opportunity.

So most of us survivors make it to the Vienna airport in about an hour and thirty minutes. A little invigorating nap for me to recup for the 1 1/2 hours of sleep I had before leaving... I told you it was a hard party. Thanks to the Mayor of Trnava for organizing it BTW.


At that point I'm travelling with François Depel, Mary Dee et Barthélémy Meridjen. Our mission is to find a connection with our Air B'n'B hostess for the next night.

We chill on a patch of synthetic grass with Eurik, Shirin, Camillo et Jean-Marie, between the airport and the train station.
Finally a connection is established with our short term landlord. Her name is Maria and we get all the info the retrieve the key, in the center of Vienna, in a bar, in the afternoon....

François and Barthélémy got the key, we get to the apartment. Posters of Bob Marley, poster of  Very nice apartment with 3 bedrooms. 

At night, while all the youngsters are passed out, I continue the video acquisition and classification project of my 30th World Footbag Championships. I did all I could that night before falling asleep. But before that I met one of the roomates and showed him some good footbag footage. He liked it. Jakub, tall and hansome fellow with dreads and so cool. We talked about Salzburg...

Vienna Airport bis

So at this point you think, god these idiots didn't see any of Vienna? Well, actually we did, a little bit. We walked after settling down and had the most delicious vegan meal at a restaurant called the Harvest.  We then proceeded to go towards the center. Enough to get a view of the Danube, the mountains in the back on a gloriously sunny day. We walked a bit alongside the water and decided to go back early and rest.

Marilyn and I went on a second walking exploration on that first night to find out exactly where the train station was and as we were there ask about all the info needed for our departure and, of course, we bought our tickets.

On the way back we stopped at a grocery store. The place was packed at 21:30 full night on. We didn't know about having to weight the bananas and got some flack in german for that, from the lady cashier. She wasn't happy!!! Then a younger lady reassured us with a nice comment and a smile. I see a lot of anger in Vienna but also a lot of F......g cool people!

Finally Marilyn and I left the apartment at 7:15. Took the train at 7:45 Airport, well in time, our check-in already done the previous day. First step - Check.

In the air and land and air and land (you choose the melody)

My first flight is to London, a couple of hours, everything goes smoothly with Austrian Airlines. Then 3 hours to kill in Heathrow. No problem.
I finally embark on my flight to Montreal. 7 more hours of flight.

You probably think that this nonsense is over? No way, still take the bus from the Airport, then the Subway with a change of direction. The last step: 7 minutes of walking with all the luggage to carry. This is definitely the hardest part, luckily I decided to be patient as a Sherpa through the whole experience. Finally home! Always good to be home isn't it?

Yes, we saw theVienna Cathedral
In my next article I'll make a recap of this 2016 World Footbag Championships. Stay tuned.

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