Thursday, August 4, 2016

My 30th World Footbag Championships travel diary - day 9

Day 9 of this trip to Slovakia. First I have to talk about my final results. This year I played only in the Open doubles net event. My partner and I were seeded 12th before the tournament start. Today we played pretty good and secured the tenth spot. Being in top 10 means that you are in very good company in this sport, so I'm very proud of this result. I want to express a very special thank you to all the people who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign and made this possible for me. So great thanks to my partner Kuba Grabarcyck for playing so solid with me, I thought it was great fun bubba! So my tournament is over and it went very well, I'm happy with the result. Starting tomorrow I will be accaparated by filming all the good footbag to come up. Finals in all categories for 2 days.

The next thing was a little relaxation at the pool. Great

Then my filming goal of the day was to catch the singles semi-finals between Walt Houston and Arthur Ledain. This was very spectacular per moments so I'm happy to have it on a memory card. Walt managed to take care of this match beautifully. He showed that this game can be played with a lot of power, both in the service and the spikes that he offered. Can't wait to see the finals. He and Tuomas Kärki will battle it out tomorrow.
Walt Houston showing that he has only one more match to win to be a World Champion again - Photo by Pro Kicker

The last and less joyful subject has nothing to do with footbag and everything to do with Hooliganism.

There was a big soccer game tonight in Trnava. There were also degenerate people on the street just wanting to get in a fight. Some of us ran into these crazy assholes tonight while walking on the street minding our own business and partying with fun and laughs.

You know that I'm from Canada and although we read about his phenomenon in the (virtual) papers and see it on the news it's another story to run directly into this cancer of humanity. 

As our group was walking peacefully to a place to have a last drink we saw a group or 7-8 guys all dressed in black t-shirts. Some of us managed to pass their unfriendly blockade at first but then about 8 players of our group were sucker punched by these animals.

Can you tell me exactly is the interest of beating people up? You go out of your place and that's your goal in life?

Anyhow we managed to retreat without further damage and went back to the school dorms safe and sound. Everybody is OK, just a little shaken by the incident. Luckily these lunatics didn't find a group of unhappy people that would fight with them.

More news tomorrow about the tournament :-)

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